Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Save Journeyman

Rarely have I ever been moved by a television program enough to stomp my feet and complain about the network being complete imbeciles. Oh sure, I went through a brief period of depression when they cancelled the live action version of the Tick, but that may have been more to do with my desire to continue seeing the glorious Liz Vassey in her Captain Liberty costume.

But NBC has a well-written, well-acted, and riveting show in its greasy little palms and it is not ordering a full season of it. That show is Journeyman.

I won't give too much away, but the gist of this whole thing is that this newspaper reporter suddenly finds himself with the ability to travel back in time against his will. He has an unsteady family situation and his relationship with his cop brother is strained for a pretty significant reason.

The purpose of his time travel seems to be to help out a different person each time and alter the course of their history.

The show is a mindscrew of the best kind. The acting is top-notch and each plot commands your attention.

The idea of NBC cancelling this show is very disheartening to us. We DVR it every week and love watching it. If NBC does go through with cancelling this show, it will greatly affect my desire to watch any new show that comes out. I'd hate to find myself as attached to a show such as this only to have the network nix it before it has a chance to progress and grow.

Please do yourself a favor and check out some episodes here. You can scroll back to the pilot episode and start there. Pretty sure you will agree that this excellent show deserves to be seen.

Thanks also to the folks at for their grassroots effort to keep this show on the air.

Again, I'm not some wacko who went on a hunger strike when Fox axed Herman's Head. But I believe in Journeyman and hope, at the very least, that if NBC doesn't wake the fuck up and realize they have a unique, intelligent show in their arsenal, that a smarter, edgier network like SciFi or USA picks Journeyman up.

Check out some episodes on-line and let me know what you think.

- Dim.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Nine Best Shows of 2007

As the year draws to a close, it means one of two things...dumb New Year's Eve parties and my year-end list of great music that you all should listen to.

Starting things off this year are the Top 9 Shows of 2007. You may be saying to yourself, "Dim, nine is a strange number. Most people do a top 10 list. Why not you?"

Well, gentle reader, I am not most people. I like to exert my individuality my defying norms, doing the unexpected, throwing a curveball like a "Top 9 List" out there just to see who's with me in this crazy world, you know? Well, that, and I didn't see 10 shows this year. we go:

9. Rush at the Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA 06/27/07

A revamped setlist which thankfully included Alex Lifeson's new guitar solo piece, "Hope", made this a great show. Why's it #9? Because it was, with no exaggeration, four fucking thousand degrees out that day. Outdoor show, no breeze, and yours truly wearing a black t-shirt and dark jeans. "My own fault" you say? Go frig. No mulleted jackass with a knockoff, misprinted RUSK shirt be bought in the parking lot for 10 bucks is going to get to look at my lucious gams.

8. Kristin Hersh with Dolorean at the Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA 04/21/07

Great venue. Show was pretty good too. Not my favorite Kristin show of all time, but I did like the fact that it introduced me to a great little band, Dolorean, who opened up.

7. The New Pornographers at the Roxy, Boston, MA 10/23/07

Probably would have placed higher if not for this.

6. Kristin Hersh with the McCarricks at the Hi-N-Dry Studio, Cambridge, MA 05/27/07

Cool concert given by Kristin Hersh and her 50 Foot Wave bandmates at the Hi-N-Dry studios in Cambridge, MA. For those unfamiliar, Hi-N-Dri is where the late Morphine frontman Mark Sandman lived. It's been turned into a musical loft, stacked with instruments, vinyl, and memorabilia. The show itself was incredible, but so was the atmosphere. No more than 50 tickets or so were made available, so it was very intimate. Got to chat at length with Dana Colley and Billy Conway (both of Morphine, now with Twinemen), Bernard Georges (bass player for Throwing Muses and the Wave) and also enjoy a tremendous show. Here's a pic of Sandman's signature 2-string bass:

5. The White Stripes at Agganis Arena, Boston, MA 07/23/07

Jack and Meg just warp sped through a blistering set thankfully featuring many songs from their excellent '07 release Icky Thump. Truly a sonic wonder to behold.

4. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at the Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA 09/17/07

The hit or miss kid crushed one out of the ballpark on this night. Again, best live band Adams has had around him in a long time (though I did miss the beauty of Catherine Popper on bass this time around). Only drag was waiting around forever after the show to say hi only to have him blow right by us. Yeah, I'm a fanboy. A 36 year-old formerly handlebar mustacioed fanboy.

3. Peeping Tom with Pigeon John and Miho Hatori at the Paradise, Boston, MA, 04/10/07

Patton is God. And this band live just completely slayed the studio version of the disc. And for a special treat, do yourself a favor and check out Butterscotch's solo from this show. It's mindblowing.

2. Wilco with Low at the Pines Theatre, Florence, MA 06/24/07

What more can be said about Tweedy and the boys? Not only is this the best live incarnation of the band BY FAR, but it just might be the best touring band out there altogether. No matter how long their show, you leave wishing they played for 2 hours more.

1. Grant-Lee Phillips with Kim Taylor at the Paradise, Boston, MA 05/08/07

Here's a pic of me and Grant. Check out my completely absurd handlebar mustache. Yeah, baby. This was my third time chatting it up with Grant and the dude is cool as a cuke. Very down to earth, generous with his time, and grateful for the support. This show, with a backing band, was outstanding. Breathtaking and I probably couldn't have hand-picked a better setlist. Bought Kim's disc there too; she was great.

Coming soon...the top releases of 2007.
Merry Christmas, y'all.
- Dim.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Strike Three

Still walking the picket lines.

If it is snowing or going to snow where you are, read this.

- Dim.
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