Friday, January 16, 2009

Helping Out

Many apologies to the few readers I have for being MIA for so long. Truth be told, I was abducted by aliens and held aboard a ship while a Dim imposter who didn't like to write, wasn't funny, and was apparently about 25 pounds over ideal weight took my place on terra firma.

The real Dim is back now and getting caught up on what I've missed. Hopefully, my blog entries will be slightly more numerous, as long as I can get over my sensitivity to light, extreme headaches, sore bum, and irrational fear of Drew Barrymore. But that imposter fucker still left me with that extra poundage.

In the meantime, I'm sure you know I am a major fanboy of Neko Case. She's got a new album coming out soon called Middle Cyclone that I am beyond jazzed to hear. In the meantime, her label (ANTI-) has been cool enough to donate $5 to Best Friends Animal Society, a cause very close to Neko's heart, for every blog that posts a link to her new song, "People Got a Lotta Nerve".

Nice, huh?

Well, because I simply adore Neko and definitely like dogs, I am partaking. Yes, after my extraterrestrial ordeal, the one thing that got me posting again was dear Neko tugging at my heart strings. That, and I've just recently been able to sit in my desk chair due to all of the alien, uh, exploration of where no man has ever gone before.

So, here you are. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Neko Case. Listen to her. Buy her discs. Go see her live.

Best Friends Animal Society, I happily give you a finski. Well, ANTI- is really giving you the finski, but if there was no Dim City, you'd have one less finksi. So, technically, I am giving you a finski. I just like typing finski, can you tell?

And dear readers, it certainly wouldn't kill you to post this yourself, would it? To find out how, go here.

Now, get listening:

People Got A Lot Of Nerve by Neko Case

Neko's Myspace

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